Saturday, 16 August 2014

When Zombies Attack!

David Innes as the Zombie from Perth
I have noticed an amazing amount of survival horror games appearing over the years within the gaming market. It's alarming to note that a clear majority of them focus on the promotion of killing Zombies with impunity.

Apparently, or so we are told...the undead, the non-living, these "Zombies" are a menace. They are a direct threat and the very reason why our virtual worlds are turbulent and full of suffering.

But who are we to judge their existence with negative word play; labeling them to be devoid of life...when clearly they live! Is it any wonder that when faced with such discrimination and prosecution that Zombies fight back?

"Wont somebody think of the Zombies!!!??"

Surely in this progressive world of encouraging democracies with a banner equality and freedom for all; the video gaming community should ask, nay demand these software companies, for games that promote understanding between the living and the alternative lifers.

That's right, you heard me...alternative lifers.

Little care is given in our societies about encouragement of violence being inflicted upon our alternative lifer associates, colleagues, family, friends and comrades. These horrible programmers are corrupting our generations with "games" focusing on alienating alternative lifers as just being smelly, vile, brain devouring and generally unpleasant.

But it is these differences that make them unique and that should be embraced...not discriminated against with an axe, bat, gun or blade.

If we continue to allow bigots to dictate to us that all "zombies" are the same; we will soon forget about how the majority of them are, like us, just trying to survive difficult times. Namely an Apocalypse.

Remember folks, we are all in this fight together. Alternative Lifers Forever! Peace out.

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  1. So Eloquently put and I too have thought that we are disenfranchising the Zombie or better put "alternative lifers". I should be calling them by the label that they have earned. I have also noticed that alternative lifers have been taken advantage of and "used" as a scapegoat for the gaming world's entertainment. How unfair of us, how simple minded of us, how superior and "the strong must survive and the weak should be destroyed" of us. Hopefully with this post we will learn to think of the alternative lifer and their rights to survive and thrive and populate the planet. Thank you so much for bringing this matter to the forefront!! LIVE WELL AND PROSPER ALTERNATIVE LIFER!!!