Thursday, 7 August 2014

In the Beginning...

David Innes giving a thumbs up from Perth
G'day. My name is David. David Innes in fact. I live on the western side of Australia, near the wonderful city of Perth. I have a cat. His name is Benton.

Fascinating stuff really.

In an attempt to build up a digital profile on the internet, my journey into Blogging thus begins.

The hope is that this adventure back into the digital realm will expand my horizons by exploring different online communities, improve my social networking circles avoiding isolationist lifestyles, and more importantly make myself appear completely interesting to random strangers for no other apparent reason than to appeal to my own vanity.

Well perhaps not the latter.

Although one does wonder about such online pursuits...such as blogging. Does the world really need any more online publications from unknown individuals claiming their opinion or experience is a worthwhile attention grabber of your precious time in which to contemplate or review? Probably not.

However, I shall thrust forward into the wilderness pretending that there is a continuing requirement and demand for such; regulate a sense of self importance and demand attention from you albeit for a few more minutes.

Yes. That's it. Continue reading. Validate the blogger's vanity. Perhaps leave a comment and then share this page with your friends...declaring to the digital world that information is worth devouring even when it is absent of any substance. does one send this via Twitter....

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