Monday, 11 August 2014

Beads - My Beading Kit Project

A handmade beading loom by David Innes surrounded by beads and string.
There is little doubt that when a forty year old cat owner who lives on his parents property while looking for work, begins a blog entry entitled "My Beading Kit Project" livin' the dream.

However, one is more likely to declare that I've descended into madness,  perhaps "lost my marbles" or that I'm now officially "one can short of a six-pack".

And fair enough too. It may well be an accurate reflection upon the summary of circumstance. But sanity aside; I'm eager to deny such comments.

One could say I am a free-agent; a man standing at a world of oysters with no restriction nor burden of any real responsibilities. Funded by an empathetic society, supported by loving family, and encouraged through my cat to devour the luxuries of such dependencies.

Because of such, one is free to explore any and all creative pursuits; no heights to imagination nor choice. Nothing to lose, everything to gain; a potential entrepreneur ready to enrich and empower it's life without restriction! Oh how my half full cup runneth over comrades!

Yes, the freedom to pursue...the freedom to participate....the freedom to explore. Free to choose! Free to be! So free in fact...I can invest a portion of my bead.

Hmm. Dress up a turd has much as you like - it's still a turd.

Seriously though, doing something so out of the box like this has to be rewarding in itself. I note that my girlfriend gets immense joy from this hobby; maybe I will too. Or maybe I wont. Either way one can quite sincerely say, I'm actively investigating different states of mental stimuli; having new experiences.

And surely, that's what being alive is all about.

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