Thursday, 2 October 2014

Articulation Tribulations

In Perth, David Innes displays a thumbs up of appreciation
Do you find conversations hard to maintain when one utilizes interesting vocabularies that the other(s) involved in the discussion have little or no understanding of?

You know...when one uses "big words".

Or does one find that linguistic gymnastics are sometimes required to articulate collaborating points when addressing a dissertation about an inquisitive topic when others have trouble reaching an agreement?

In other words…finding the right words to politely end the argument?

Sure one could just nod in passive acknowledgement with a “Yes, yes – quite right…say, how about the weather we've been having?” directing a more mute topical shift.  Or yes indeed, one could simply announce a statement of “You sir are a buffoon!” and proceed to walk away into the other direction.

But more often than not, do me, feel obliged to proceed into a flurry of words in order to prove some point, that clearly has become an exceptional necessity to establish, before one can end the discussion politely or otherwise?

Well…if you answered that with the affirmative; may I offer an extension of endearing heart felt sympathies towards you and your inter-personal conversational involvements with others.

However if you have no idea what the hell is going on in this post; I shall end by saying ever so politely..."Isn't spring just wonderful!"

David Innes
Perth in Western Australia

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