Thursday, 25 September 2014

Polite Reflections of Captain Hindsight

Webcam Photo of David Innes
Having a moment of quiet reflection, looking back at the history of ones existence with mature, aged and refined eyes, we pause to contemplate..."honestly, what the jumping kangaroos expletive, was I thinking?!"

Ah, the magnificence of hindsight...

"It seemed like a good idea at time", we might say to consul ourselves. Or alternatively, and perhaps more harshly, one can be tempted to blurt "My goodness, I was an idiot" as if one is now non-idiot-able.

Yes, the comforting tones of blame. "Had that not been, it would not have been!" we'll scream in defiant judgement, cleansing ourselves of the folly.

But why do we entertain conversations with hindsight? Can we really rely on the superhero of "should have known better" to help improve our future selves from folly and errs?

Afterall, where was the bastard during those moments we now regret?

Oh sure, he has all the wisdom of answers now...but how does that help? And no doubt, when one makes future reflective mistakes, the bloody blighter wont be there either! No, as usual he'll swoop down to save the day after the day has long gone and inform us of how he would have done it better.

Well balls to you sir. Balls I say!

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