Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Humanity Fails...

YouTube presented me with a selection of videos with such titles as Ultimate Fails for June 2015 and Epic Fails for 2013. These videos, upon playing them, revealed a montage of human stupidity at both it's amazing heights and it's subtle lows.

One such example is linked here:

Ultimate Fails Compilation 2013 (33mins, Rated M)

Many things occurred to me during the visual spectacle of loud anguish, tickled laughter and the groans of mutual understanding that only sights of pain can deliver.

Firstly; one can only imagine the great savings that would be made to the various Health Services, if all of these creatively thick people simply didn't. Just didn't. Just said no!

Secondly; why aren't those rolling boards of destruction, these "Skate Boards", banned? How many more displaced bones and flesh ripping cement licks does it take before we recommend more PlayStation or X-Box time?

There are simply too many videos, too many people, to suggest that these are just a bunch of rare random occurrences by simple lay men. It paints a bleak picture of humankind's collective intelligence.

Perhaps the Pyramids were built by Aliens after all...

NEXT WEEK: Reptilians?! Are they behind the Global Economic Crisis?

Fondest Regards
David "Hoping for Humanity" Innes
Next to his cat in Perth, Western Australia

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