Saturday, 12 September 2015

To Punctuate or not...

This new generation seems to have developed an allergic reaction to the grand language to which we all take for granted.

From participation in chat rooms, bombardment of the twitter-sphere, and the casual preoccupation with SMSing; I have taken note the complete disrespect towards the use of punctuation, grammar, spelling and the use of capitals.

Now, sure – I’ve probably made mistakes in my previous posts and indeed fallen prey to err in this rant, however I can claim to at least make the effort.

No doubt I’ve forgotten some of the principles to the elegant use of the English language, but not to the point that my next sentence would look this…

wen i want 2 say sumthin i just 4get da need ta use any off it word 2 ya mumma

Sure we could argue it’s still legible to understand but would it have been all that hard to press the SHIFT key a couple of times, use a comma, click on available spellchecker or for the love of all things beautiful, re-read it before one pressed SENT.

Apparently not.

I too understand the need to reduce the amount of text you wish to send due to the limitations of certain mediums…such as the maximum of 140 characters per tweet.

But does “Hey, check out this picture of a Koala hugging a tree last Tuesday when I went to Caversham Wildlife Park in Perth” have to end up looking like:

check out da pic of me huggin a koala lol in da park ftw!!!!!!

David Innes
Perth, Western Australia

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